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Nollywood Superstar Jim Iyke “receives Deliverance” at Prophet T.B. Joshua’s Church

Jim Iyke Synagogue - September 2013 - BellaNaija003It seems as though our “Nollywood Bad Boy” Jim Iyke is turning a new leaf! Over the last few days, his tweets have taken a spiritual turn and now BN received photos and details on Jim’s “deliverance” at Prophet T.B. Joshua‘s Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).
First up, the tweets!

Jim Iyke Synagogue - September 2013 - BellaNaija002Jim Iyke Synagogue - September 2013 - BellaNaija001
And then the deliverance…
Making a surprise appearance in The SCOAN, Nollywood superstar Jim Iyke entered quietly and unannounced, joining worshippers from around the world as they listened to the inspiring message from renowned Prophet T.B. Joshua.
As The SCOAN’s Wise Men moved through the congregation in prayer, the lightning of God located Iyke and he was no longer able to control himself. Lunging towards one of the Wise Man as if to attack him, an evil spirit that had been tormenting the life of Jim Iyke manifested! The congregation in the auditorium and the overflow congregations shouted in surprise as they began to witness the deliverance of a man they were all too familiar with.
Jim Iyke, born James Ikechukwu Esomugha, is currently one of the highest paid actors in the Nigerian movie industry and cultivated the name “Nollywood bad boy” for himself. As one of the most successful actors in Nollywood, he has starred in over 150 films to date. He has launched his own film production unit, “Untamed Productions” and his own music label, “Untamed Records” with his very own album, “Who Am I?” He is also founder of “Jim Iyke Foundation”, contributing funds to children of the less privileged and children with physical challenges.
Among his movie awards are: The Teenage Choice Award, Best Actor In Nigerian Entertainment Award, African Achievement Award, Best Actor of the Year (Mode Men Award 2010), Sexiest Man In Nigeria 2008, Best African Actor (NET Awards).
The evil spirit that had tormented the life of Jim Iyke for so many years began to manifest, confessing that it was the cause of Iyke’s setback and disappointment. It confessed that it was the reason he could never marry, stating that it would not allow him to love anyone. It continued confessing that Iyke was the biggest and that it was only God’s grace that had kept him. As the evil spirit inside him struggled to attack the Wise Man, the supremacy of the Holy Spirit continued to overpower it.
The deliverance continued but the battle was not against flesh and blood; it was against the spiritual entities that had been causing crisis in his life, family, health, career and future.
To the jubilation of the congregation, the name of Jesus Christ prevailed over the evil spirit and Jim Iyke received his freedom. Overwhelmed with what had just happened, Iyke immediately knelt in God’s presence, appreciating His Creator for his miraculous deliverance.
The humility demonstrated by Jim Iyke in submitting himself to the power of God should prompt others in his industry to make the same life-saving choice.

This seems to be a positive turn for Jim Iyke. Wishing him all the best!

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Nigeria’s Top 5 Richest Pastors and How Much They Are Worth


These days, millions of souls, desperate for financial breakthroughs, miracles and healing, all rush to the church for redemption.
God is good, especially if you’re a Nigerian pastor with some business savvy.
And while the bible expressly states that salvation is free, at times it comes with a cost: offerings, tithes, gifts to spiritual leaders, and a directive to buy literature and other products created by men of God.
Pastors are no longer solely interested in getting people to Heaven; they’ve devised intelligent ways to make good money while reaching out to souls.
Take Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, for example. He is the founder and lead pastor of the Christ Embassy, a thriving congregation with branches in Nigeria, South Africa, London, Canada and the United States.
His publishing company, Loveworld Publications, publishes ‘Rhapsody of Realities,’ a monthly devotional he co-authors with his wife.
It sells over 2 million copies every month at $1 apiece. He also owns television stations, newspapers, magazines, a hotel, a fast-food chain, and more.
Many other Nigerian pastors are similarly building multi-million dollar empires from their churches.
Today, pastors fly around in private jets, drive fancy cars like Daimlers, Porsches and BMWs, don Rolexes and Patek Phillipes, and own breathtaking mansions all over the world.
After the blog post I wrote in May about Nigerian pastors owning private jets, I was bombarded with emails from readers requesting to know the richest pastors in Nigeria.
So I set out to investigate the assets of some of Nigeria’s most prominent pastors, and I came up with conservative estimates of their fortunes.
I contacted representatives for all of the pastors and all except Matthew Ashimolowo’s representative confirmed ownership of the assets I list. Representatives for Pastor Ashimolowo did not respond to my emails.
Bishop David Oyedepo
Affiliation: Living Faith World Outreach Ministry, aka Winners Chapel
Estimated net worth: $190 million
David Oyedepo is Nigeria’s wealthiest preacher. Ever since he founded the Living Faith World Outreach Ministry in 1981, it has grown to become one of Africa’s largest congregations.
The Faith Tabernacle, where he hosts three services every Sunday, is Africa’s largest worship center, with a seating capacity of 50,000.
Oyedepo owns four private jets and homes in London and the United States.
He also owns Dominion Publishing House, a thriving publishing company that publishes all his books (which are often centered on prosperity).
He founded and owns Covenant University, one of Nigeria’s leading tertiary institutions, and Faith Academy, an elite high school.
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
Church: Believers’ Loveworld Ministries, a.k.a Christ Embassy
Estimated net worth: $100 million – $120 million
Last year, the charismatic preacher was at the center of a $35 million money laundering case in which he was accused of siphoning funds from his church to foreign banks.
Pastor Chris pleaded no wrongdoing and the case was eventually dismissed.
His church, Christ Embassy, boasts more than 40,000 members, several of whom are successful business executives and politicians.
Oyakhilome’s diversified interests include newspapers, magazines, a local television station, a record label, satellite TV, hotels and extensive real estate.
His Loveworld TV Network is the first Christian network to broadcast from Africa to the rest of the world on a 24 hour basis.
Prophet Temitope Joshua
Estimated net worth: $60 million – $80 million
Nigeria’s most controversial clergyman is also one of its richest and most philanthropic.
T.B Joshua heads the Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN), a congregation he founded in 1987, which accommodates over 15,000 worshippers on Sundays.
The Pastor has remained controversial for several years for his inexplicable powers to heal all sorts of difficult to cure diseases, including HIV/AIDS, cancer and paralysis.
For miracle-craving worshippers, it’s the perfect seduction. The church currently has branches in Ghana, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Greece.
In the past three years, he has given over $20 million to causes in education, healthcare and rehabilitation programs for former Niger Delta militants.
He owns Emmanuel TV, a Christian television network, and was close friends with late Ghanaian President Atta Mills.
Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo
Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC)
Estimated net worth: $25 million – $50 million
In 1992, Foursquare Gospel Church, a Nigerian church, sent Ashimolowo to open a satellite branch in London. But Pastor Matthew had other ideas and decided to set up his own church instead.
Today, his Kingsway International Christian Center is reportedly the largest Pentecostal church in the United Kingdom.
In 2009, the church posted profits of close to $10 million and assets worth $40 million.
Ashimolowo earns an annual salary of $200,000, but his real wealth comes from varied business interests including his media company, Matthew Ashimolowo media, which churns out Christian literature and documentaries.
Ashimolowo’s representatives did not respond to a request confirming his net worth and ownership of all these assets.
Chris Okotie
Church: Household of God Church
Net worth: $15 million -$25 million
Pastor Okotie made his first success as a popular pop musician in the 80s. He found the light, embraced the bible and set up the Household of God Church, one of Nigeria’s most flamboyant congregations.
His 5,000 member church consists predominantly of Nollywood celebrities, musicians, and society people.
He contested and lost Nigerian presidential elections for the third time this year under the Fresh Party, a political party he founded and funds.
An automobile lover, he owns a Mercedes S600, Hummer and Porsche among several others

Check Out This Awkward Picture of Tiwa Savage. what do you see? (PHOTO)

I guess the camera man was at his best for this shot, is this Tiwa or just a look alike? Can you see anything? Lol

15 Hottest Women in Nigerian Entertainment [2013 Edition]

Agbani Darego

12 years have past since this beauty became the first black Miss World (2001), and she is still able to hold her own when it comes to complete true beauty. In addition to her ever present grace, and beauty she’s upgraded even more and transformed into an even more elegant and classier version of herself. Not saying she wasn’t before, but while others might take a step down, she’s taken a step up.
Simply put, she’s like fine wine… You know the rest.
Genevieve Nnaji
It’s almost as if Genevieve has completely refused to age. And you can argue that she gets hotter with age, but either way you look at it, you can put her on a line up with girls 10 years younger than her, and she’ll still be in the cream of the crop. No agism here people. Admit it, you either envy Genevieve’s looks or you want your wife to age like her. Just accept.
Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

They don’t call her Omosexy for nothing. Over the past year, Omotola has been buzzing all over the place. Red carpet both home and abroad, movies, International TV appearances and much more. One thing you gotta love Omotalo for is her figure, and more importantly her ability to maintain that figure as the years have gone by, and with 4 kids. Anyone will tell you it’s not beans.
Along with her A+ acting, her cute face, Omotola’s other selling point gotta be those curves. Na die finally!
You can call her the second coming of Omotola, with the pretty face and curvy figure. Not too much has changed from last year to this year, and Toolz still has a shape that will make a grown man cry real tears of joy.
The brains is still there, and the packaging just keeps on upgrading as she’s hosting ndaniTV’s The Juice along with being one of the most listened to On Air Personalities at 99.9 The Beat FM. Come rain or sunshine she’s still one of the hottest in Nigeria.
International super model has been the pride of the Nigerian model industry for over a decade and in bringing the Next Top Model series to Africa she’s back in the buzz. From magazine covers to runways, Oluchi is still the epitome of the word sexy, and when you think that she’s had kids also, it’s even more impressive that this sexiness has just refused to leave her bones. It’s just in her.
No offense to all the recent MBGN winners, but Muna puts them to shame, especially when you consider how long ago she won it (2007). But it’s not just about the looks with her. Her style, presentation and confidence is unrivaled really.
Some things are just constant in life. The sky is blue, the world will end, and Muna will stay hot until she doesn’t want again, and maybe after that sef. It’s just something you can’t argue with.
Rita Dominic
Rita Dominic has had somewhat of a revival over the past year. She’s been more on the scene, her style has hit top notch, and she oozes some sort of cougar like appeal to her, and I say cougar only because we know she’s older (38 I think). But based on just looks, you might not be able to tell. Her skin is damn near flawless and those eyes can make someone dash their inheritance.
The main thing that put Rita on this list though is that this woman’s wardrobe is on fire. Anyone who follows her on social media will tell you that Rita dey dress die. From the hair do, to the clothes, and shoes, everything is always on point and perfect for the occasion.
Tiwa Savage
Miss Savage if you nasty. Oh wait… Mrs Savage-Billz. Sorry Oga. Tiwa Savage and sexy go hand in hand, like Rice & Stew, Aki & Paw-Paw, Beans & Dodo. Ok you get the point. Tiwa Savage combines beauty and talent so well it’s almost sickening.
In a very weird way also, Tiwa Savage is one of the few ladies that can switch up the look and persona on any given occasion and still look dazzling. Good girl innocent look? Check. Bad girl I’ll tear your shirt look? Check. Let’s go for my aunty’s 50th birthday look? Check. She makes it too easy.
Nse Ikpe-Etim
Everything about this nollywood diva oozes sex appeal. From her figure, to skin tone, to her lips, everything about her is completely sexy.
You can’t deny her talents at all, and her fashion sense trumps a lot of other women in the industry, so her whole package really just makes her extremely attractive and a lot of people can’t pick just one reason why she’s that attractive. She’s just sexy. In every sense of the word.
Eku Edewor

The Studio 53 TV presenter is an instant eye grabber. Her flawless and silky skin, innocent look, and classy style makes everyone want to watch her on TV. What’s even more attractive is her sense of humor. It’s not every time you see someone as beautiful as she is have a great sense of humor. The default is to expect someone that will have their nose up in the air, but from what we’ve observed that’s not Eku at all.
Ms Kedike lori speaker! Chidinma has continued to ooze out high doses of sexy and swag (sorry I had to use it) over the past year, and she’s a long way removed from the “innocent” looking girl that won Project Fame West Africa a few years ago.
The talent is clearly there, her vast wardrobe keeps her looking hot whether she’s rocking urban gear, going with the traditional look, or going for class. Whichever way you want am, Chidinma fit do am, and she’ll do it better that most.
And that short hair cut? Boy oh Boy! She’s stay killing it with that look. Probably the most unique of beauties you’d find in Nigerian entertainment. You really cant say anyone is like her.
Lola Rae
You when you were a kid, and you would have posters of those women that you just thought were the best creations ever. Lola Rae reminds us of one of those. She has that ‘almost out of this world’ beauty. The Half-Nigerian, Half British singer made an appearance in Ice Prince video, More, and had a lot of people picking their mouths off the floor.
She does great herself in the music scene with her singles Watch My Ting Go, and Fimile (featuring Iyanya) doing pretty well so far. You add the British accent to her package and you know Lola Rae can conveniently walk into any man’s life without resistance. I mean who can turn that down.
Toke Makinwa
Toke Makinwa is downright beautiful. Dazall!
Ok that’s not all. The radio personality’s style is something serious, and for those that watch her vlog, her sense of humor is ridiculous. You just don’t expect it out of her sometimes and it’s like boom!! She’s making you laugh till you have tears coming from your eyes. You just cant go wrong having someone with her beauty, brains and sense of humor around you. You get the feeling she’ll be great company to have.
Oh and let’s not forget that wardrobe game is killer too.
Eva Alordiah
Until a few weeks ago you would’ve been able to place Eva Alordiah’s kind of beauty is specific category, but then she shared pictures where she was wearing traditional and gele and boys are like “How many kind ‘finess’ can one person have sef?”
It’s sometimes easy to look past her beauty because of everything else she brings to the table (talent on the mic, makeup skills, style, and being down to earth), but make no mistake, when she does decide to go “girly” on us, she can intimidate even the prettiest of beauty queens.
Osas Ighodaro
*Takes a deep breathe* I actually hadn’t heard too much of Osas until she was introduced as the host of Maltina Dance All, and mehn, some men will not sleep well if they attend the taping of that show o. Do the dancer concentrate well?
She was introduced to the cast of Tinsel after making the shift from the US to Nigeria and the former Miss Black USA 2010 has completely dazzled fans anytime she’s seen. She’s gorgeous, very well spoken, and very stylish.
For those that don’t know who she is, now you know.

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Movie nomination for Omawunmi

Fabulous singer Omawunmi Magbele, who made her acting debut in 2012, has been nominated for two movie awards.

Earlier nominated as the Most Promising Actress in the GIAMA Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards, she received another nomination nod in the Best Supporting Actress Category for the 2013 Zulu African Film Academy Awards (ZAFAA) scheduled to take place later this year.

She is being recognised for her role in the movie House of Gold.

Her competition for Best Supporting Actress is Tana Adelana for Single and Married, Beverly Naya for Brother’s Keeper and Martha Ankoma for Cartel.

If you've got a creative project you think is worthy of an award, submit your work for consideration for the AfricaMagic Viewers' Choice Awards.

Find our more by reading through the submission guidelines.

Then download the submission form and get going.

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Beyonce and papa Jay Z reveal beach bodies aboard luxury yacht

Beyonce turned 32 yesterday Wednesday September 4th and celebrated the day with husband Jay Z, daughter Blu Ivy and friends aboard a luxury yacht in Stombli, Italy. Photos of the superstar couple were taken as they prepared to dive off their luxury yacht into the sea. See more photos after the cut...



Genevieve wants a man


In a recent interview with Azuh Arinze of Yes Magazine, Genevieve Nnaji talks about finding the right man, her relationship with Kunle Coker and plans to go back to school, did she really met schooling, just kidding. Excerpts...

How did you come into the movie industry?
"I have been acting since I was eight in Ripples. That was how I got into acting. For movies, I think that should be in 1998 in Most Wanted. I met Torino (Emeka Ojukwu) in a bus and to my greatest surprise, he recognized me from Ripples. He asked me why I left the industry and later invited me to the audition for Most Wanted. I got a role. A waka pass and that was it."

But the story we heard was that Kunle Coker brought you into Nollywood and both of you even dated
"Yes, Kunle Coker was actually my boyfriend, but he did not bring me to the industry.

Is it true that you dumped him for Fred Amata
"Fred Amata? I've never had anything to do with Fred Amata. I used to call him uncle, so I don't see the reason why I should date Fred. We are just friends."

What would you say is the worst story ever written about you in the press?
"So many bad things. But the one I hated most was the one about Fred Amata and I. It hurt me so much. I don't know where they got that story from."

Tell us about the first time you fell in love
"I think we met at a show. This was when I was in secondary school. (Her baby daddy). We shared a lot of things in common - singing. It was a case of two compatible people who were so much in love

So what eventually happened?
"Relationships sometimes come to an end."

What's your greatest wish?
"That God continues to bless me. Especially with the right man and a good family."

It's like you are eager to get married
"No. The thing is just that there comes a time in your life where everything is going fine and all you can say to yourself is after this, what next? After everything you have to get married as far as you're a woman.

Why have you not furthered your education?
"Life is not the same for everybody. Some people are lucky they come out of secondary school and go straight to university. Mine was different. But I'm determined. Definitely I'm going back to school. I wanted to make money. I love my money. I cherish my own money. So I will go back when I make enough. But even while I'm there I won't stop working."

What part of a man's body do you like most?
"A man's chest, from the belly up.

Where do you hope to be in the next ten years?
"In the next ten years, I know I will be married with kids. But I think it all depends on what God has fashioned out for me. I know I will still be in the entertainment industry or the fashion world."