Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Linda Ejiofor’s first time memories

I’m sure we can all remember our first day at school, what we spent our first pay cheque on and the make of our first car. Tinsel’s Linda Ejiofor took some time out of her schedule to recall some of her first times.

My first acting job

What was it like on set? 

I was so nervous, sweating everywhere, and I missed my lines like a zillion times. I didn't think they would shoot like three times for just one scene. The close ups, medium shoots (smiles)…I’m speaking camera language now.

How did your colleagues treat you on set?

Well they were quite nice, they had no choice if they wanted to get over with the scene and move on. Shouting or getting angry wouldn't help, I learnt that too.

What role did you play? 

I played a manipulative, conniving, dumb, and very funny girl!

My first pay cheque

What did you do with it?

I remember my parents told me to invest it, which I did. I bought shares. Which I lost during the recession (ouch).

My first car

What model did you buy?

It was a 1999 Honda Civic

What colour was it? 

It was a green car.

What memories do you still hold dear about the car? 

I raced with that car and I could maneuver with that car.

My first day at university

What was the mood like? 

I was adolescent and ready to explore the world.

Was university what you expected?

No it wasn't, it was so much more. I was one of the popular girls, the running for lectures, the TDBs (Till Day Break) I hated exams, because I got to miss sleep most nights. The good, the bad and the ugly, I saw it all!

What are some of the highlights that made your university years (at least three).

They say to enjoy your university days you have to not only pass through the university; you have to let the university pass through you.

My top three university memories are...

When I had my first boyfriend *laughs*

The first time I went clubbing.

The third memory is when I experienced my first cult gun battle on my matriculation day and my last bloody cult fight on my convocational day (did I mention bloody). Yes....So I can proudly say the university passed through me.

My first day at school

Were you nervous?

My first day at school, I wasn't nervous; I was more excited and looking forward to classes, getting to make new friends.

Who is hotter Tonto Dike or chika ike

Beyonce's racy outfits at her Mrs Carter show in Belgrade, Serbia

On the opening night of her Mrs. Carter tour in Belgrade, Serbia, Beyonce wore her raciest outfit yet. She wore a gold sequin-encrusted bodysuit decorated with faux breasts, complete with protruding nipples. Some people think it's x-rated. Lol. See her other costumes at the show after the cut...

Nollywood now making soft porn movies see evidence! strong proof

Nollywood now making soft porn movies? Oh dear! Lol. See photos

The photo on the left is actor Tony Umez grabbing the boobs of some actress in a movie titled Room 027. The photo on the right is actor Collins Onwochei making out with the same actress. She's stark naked in the movie. Like you can see her ass and boobs. Wow! Nollywood has gone haywire. Lol.

Grabbed some screen shots from the movie trailer. See them after the cut...


The actress that played the role. Who is she...?

Right engine of British Airways plane stops working before take-off at Abuja Airport

I got calls this morning from a few LIB readers inside a British Airways flight at the Abuja International Airport. They told me that the BA 8:30 flight to London was preparing to take off when the right engine of the plane just stopped working. They heard a noise and then smoke. The plane had to be towed back to the tarmac.

As at the last time I spoke with one of them, engineers were trying to fix the engine. I even heard the pilot making an announcement. They are not sure if the flight will continue or if it will be cancelled, but they are all still inside the plane at the moment. BA has been given 40 minutes to fix the engine or the flight will be cancelled...for safety reasons. Will keep you guys updated.

Update: All passengers have been asked to leave the plane
Update 2: The flight has been cancelled

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

SHOCKING!: Charly Boy Shows Off His Casket!!

OMG!! Check out what Charly Boy posted on his Instagram page.
The caption says:
#all my bright ideas comes from my casket, very comfy.

Mercy Johnson Vs Ufuoma Ejenobor: Who Is More Beautiful After Child-Birth?

Its so unbelievably that Ufuoma is looking this hot after child birth. The shot was from the AMVCA awards

On the other hand our movie idol mercy johnson few weeks after delivery uploaded this pics.


"I'm still in love with Jim Iyke' - actress Stephnora Okere confesses

Actress Stephnora Okere and Jim Iyke dated for a while many years back and according to an interview she granted Stella Dimoko Korkus in this week's Encomium magazine, she's still in love with him. Excerpts from the interview:
"I've been maintaining a low profile because of the fact that I wanted to re-arrange myself for the future having made one or two mistakes in the past.
SDK: "What mistakes are you referring to? As an actress or your personal life?"
Stephnora: "Both. First as an actress, I allowed myself to put on weight and that is not good for the kind of profession I'm in. When I gained weight, I lost a lot of offer for movie roles. My personal life mistake concerns my involvement in a marriage process that never scaled through. I got involved with someone with someone who doesn't understand what the word love means. It took me being involved in that relationship to realise what true love really means. It made me realise that I had loved and still do love someone else."
Yep, you guessed right, she's still in love with Jim Iyke. I hope single Jim Iyke reads this blog...lol. Continue to see the rest of the interview...

SDK: Who exactly are you referring to that you still love?
Stephnora: I still love Jim Iyke
SDK: Wow, that's some revelation. I am sure even Jim Iyke will be shocked to read this. He must have impacted on you strongly.
Stephnora: Jim was and is still the best friend I've ever had. He was not just around, he was there as a friend, brother, lover, companion. He was always there. He understood me.