Monday, March 18, 2013

"I don't miss my old life' Liz Benson talks about her new life

"I don't miss my old life' Liz Benson talks about her new life

Actress Liz Benson is married to Bishop Great Ameye and together they run a ministry called Freedom Family Assembly in Delta State where they live. Liz recently opened up about her new life..
There is nothing whatsoever I miss about my old life. Instead I wish I had known the Lord before now. I have no regrets because I am positive that the path I have toed is what God prepared for me and whatever mistakes I have made in my past remains in my past and I was meant to make those mistakes. I have learnt from them because mistakes are experiences which you grow with. You are also wiser because you have been tested.
About her husband, she says:
"I met my husband in his hometown in Delta State where we live now. I went to evangelize there. We got married a few years later in 2009. I just thank God marriage has been wonderful. We have our challenges but we never let it stay past past two minutes and we are done with it. We've been married for almost four years but it looks like we've been married forever. We do some crazy little things like children and play around. We are like teenagers in love and I am enjoying every moment of my marriage."

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

P-Square goes into oil business?

P-Square goes into oil business?

Peter Okoye posted the photo on the right on his instagram page this evening and captioned it - Hustle must continue....Oil business tinz. Then posted the one on the right with the caption... More business #oilsector.

Is he announcing P-Square's foray into the oil business? You know they are giving oil wells anyhow these days...hehe. *kidding* But good for them!

Benny Hinn remarries former wife

Benny Hinn remarries former wife

Televangelist Benny Hinn has remarried his former wife and mother of his four children, Suzanne Harthern. Hinn married Suzanne in 1979 and divorced her 31 years later in 2010. He claimed at the time that the split came about because of Suzanne's addiction to prescription drugs. In 2012, Hinn announced that he and Suzanne have begun reconciliation and the couple remarried on Sunday March 3, 2013 in Orlando, Florida. Inspiring! 

Talk show host Jay Leno can't take his eyes off Halle Berry's cleavage

Talk show host Jay Leno can't take his eyes off Halle Berry's cleavage

The Tonight Show host couldn't take his eyes off Halle Berry's chest when she appeared on his show yesterday evening. Halle wore a strapless low cut dress that showed a lot of her upper chest area. See more photos after the cut...


Celebrities Who Insured Their Body Parts For Millions

Here’s a top ten rundown of the limbs, appendages, hair and bodily fluids that stars have forked out on – in reverse monetary order.

10. David Lee Roth’s $1million (£670K) Fluid

The Van Halen frontman would have surprised no-one if he’d spent money protecting his vocal chords.

But he turned heads in his band’s 80s heyday when he took out a $1million policy on his Fluid.
Roth splashed out on his little swimmers to cover himself in the event he impregnated a groupie and, as a result, was hit with an expensive paternity suit.

And, if reports are to be believed, he went on to take full advantage of his cunning scheme – without fear of split condoms...

9. Keith Richards’ $1.6million (£1.1m) hands

In fairness, the Rolling Stones guitarist would definitely be out of a job if he lost his hands.

So it was a shrewd move on his part to protect his chord-playing appendages in the event of a hedge-trimming or tree-felling catastrophe.

The insurance package covers both hands and, when asked about the policy, he waved his arms and said: “These are my business"

After all, he wouldn’t get much Satisfaction playing a guitar with no hands...

8. Heidi Klum’s $2.2million (£1.5m) legs

It makes sense that the German supermodel would insure the two things that enable her to walk up and down catwalks the world over.

Oddly, one of her pins is insured for $200,000 less than the other due to a scar on her knee.

She told The Sun: “They are different values because I have this little scar.

“I had to be examined in London. A guy came and inspected my leg.”
Lucky guy...

7. Dolly Parton’s $3.8million (£2.5m) bosoms

Without doubt, country queen Parton has become as known for her gargantuan lady mountains as she has her singing voice.

Therefore, it made total sense when she took out a policy on her 40DD assets – realising she wouldn’t be who she is without them.

They were initially insured for $300,000 each but inflation (no pun intended) has caused their value to swell (again, no pun intended).

As well as enriching the pockets of her insurers, her bountiful bosoms have helped to make Parton minted...

6. Rod Stewart’s $6million (£4m) voice

The ageing rocker wouldn’t be able to wake up Maggie or say anything to her if he lost his voice.

More importantly, his career as a singer would be over.

He was alerted to the merits of insurance after fearing his voice had been irreparably damaged following throat surgery in 2000.

Stewart is now protected to the cool tune of $6million in case his much-loved raspy vocals do a disappearing act.

5. Tom Jones’s $7million (£4.7m) chest hair

Granted, it’s not unusual to be loved by anyone.

But it’s downright bizarre to put a price tag on one’s bodily follicle growth.

That said, Welsh legend Tom thought his success was as much down to the forest spilling out of his open shirt as it was his warbling tones.

So he paid out on a $7million policy to cover losses of earnings if his chest hair spontaneously combusts...

4. Jennifer Lopez’s $27million (£18.1m) buttocks

J-Lo has made a name for herself as a star of both film and music – but she’s also much-admired for her bulging backside.

Fearing she’ll hit rock bottom if her peachy buttocks abandon her through injury or the merciless perils of nature, the singer/actress made financial arrangements to guarantee she wouldn’t be too down in the dumps if her worst nightmare came true.

Losing one’s bum cheeks isn’t a chief concern of many, but J-Lo clearly values her booty highly.
Well, $27million to be precise.

3. Michael Flatley’s $40million (£26.9m) feet

Irish super-hoofer Flatley would have faced a much greater challenge becoming the Lord Of The Dance without feet.

The 54-year-old has made a career out of his speedy trotters and spent big to ensure he’d live comfortably – financially, at least – should his feet either fall off or stop working.

He’s not the kind of fella hapless female dancers would want to boogie with at a party.

One accidental misstep could cost the dancer his day job and push the perpetrator into bankruptcy...

2. David Beckham’s $70million (£47m) legs

Let’s face it, David Beckham wouldn’t have captained England or won countless accolades with no legs.

The Paris Saint-Germain midfielder took out what is thought to be the largest personal insurance policy in sports history in 2006.

It’s claimed Becks will receive the mammoth pay-out in the event of an injury to his legs, feet or toes that would force him into retirement.

The fact he’s a fan of riding motorbikes must send his premium soaring...

1[b]. Mariah Carey’s $1billion (£670m) legs [/b]

The singer stumped up for her stumps after she was awarded Gillette’s Legs Of A Goddess prize.

Winning the award apparently awakened the pop diva to the popularity of her pins, and subsequently insured them for a bonkers $1billion.

Adding to the absurdity, Gillette commemorated Carey’s limbs victory by having a statue of her legs made.

Naturally, she sparked widespread bafflement with her financial arrangement – on the basis she could still shatter glass with her vocals without legs.

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This case of
CHILD ABUSE happened at IVY school,a popular nursery and primary school located at Isheri,Ojudu Berger of Lagos state.
The mother of the girl Mrs Zainab Rodemade wrote a petition to the Deputy Inspector General
of police
THE PETITION- On 21st June,2012, my daughter
returned back from school at regular time and while bathing for her at about 8pm,she cried as I was about to wash her private part so I was worried and confused. The daughter later explained that it was. Her aunty in school that inserted a pencil inside her private part in the
school toilet.
Miss Oruma Patience,the teacher inserted a 2B pencil into the child private part in the school toilet,the policemen on duty asked the student to demonstrate how she did it. Mrs Zanaib went to her school the following day to report the case to
the school authority,she met the head teacher,On 22nd of June this year,the head teacher called
Miss Oruma with 3 female teachers and they all watched how the little girl demonstrated the act and manner her class teacher used pencil to dis-virgin her. The case was later reported to Isheri police station then the parent of the girl were asked to go general hospital for proper documentation of the girl's health,the mother told
REPORT NAIJA that she is highly devastated and disturbed and doctors confirmed it that the usage of the pencil inside her private part has defiled her. The teacher denied the allegations saying "how on earth can I use a pencil to disvirgin a small girl,a girl I have been teaching for close to 2 years"
The case is in the court.
bookmark us for details....
SAY NO TO CHILD ABUSE. by sharing it on social blogging sites....

Damino Damoche To Be Buried Today


Damino damose will be bury today 02/03/13 at badagry cemetary at 10am and the candle night meeting Point at ile pako 6pm in the evening. R.I.P Damilola Ibrahim Olaniyan.
We Love you Bro But God Loves You More.

He was murdered at Lasu.
please drop your comment

Tanker On Fire On Marina Bridge

A tanker just caught fire on marina is loaded with petroleum products.have called fire service nd a simpleton had d nerves to ask me where marina is located in lagos.d guys name is seyi.pls pass d info..people should avoid d bridge